windows2008 ctp Error Code 0x80070241

回顾一下目前使用当中的longhorn 即windows2008 server ctp的安装过程。

下好iso后当然是在虚拟机 上安装,一切顺利,20分钟不到就搞定。玩了几天后决定直接安装到硬盘,机器没有dvd光驱,虽然刻录了dvd盘也无用武之地,于是通过虚拟光驱复制所有 iso上的文件到D盘。执行升级,居然提示Error Code 0x80070241 ,几次都是如此,难道人品出错。准备放弃的时候试着google了一下,直接就搜到了一篇帖子

Okay so I finally figured it out and worked 100% for me (installed Vista on my laptop). I just want to say that I did not figure this out on my own I just took a bit of information from everyone on the forum and this is what I got:

*note: this is a repost of what i posted on another thread earlier on

Download WinHex and Win32Dasm.

1. Open up Win32Dasm –>Disassembler —>open file to disassemble..

算 是微软的官方论坛吧,应该可行。虽然是针对vista的帖子,套在longhorn上也许有用,毕竟内核一样。按照说明使用了win32dasm和 winhex。修改了winsetup.dll中的字段。保存\退出\安装,it’s works. 至此windows2008 ctp顺利落户。至今20天左右,等rtm版出来再干掉吧。哈哈。虽然没弄明白为什么会出错。搞定ms的错误就行。顺便bs一下ms.  :p

  • at this point locate where ever you saved your windows vista files. Here is an example of my computer: C:\Windows Vista Setup\sources
  • then find winsetup.dll and CLICK ON IT!
  • it will take few seconds/minutes to load
  • once it is loaded there seems to be a problem “decoding” the information to show up in proper text (showed up in symbols for me at first)….if you have this problem click Disassembler again and then go down to FONT —> select font (choose what ever best fits you)

2. Now hit the Search button on the top and click “Find Text”

  • type: while copying Setup files

3. Press up on the arrow key until you find JNE…..(the numbers after JNE will be different from everyone else)

  • here is example of mine: jne 369B4DAF
  • once it is highlighted LOOK DOWN at the status bar (when i mean look, i mean using your EYES)….
  • you should see something that says “@Offset (your own number with an H at the end)
  • example: @Offset 00074335h
  • COPY THAT NUMBER (write it down somewhere)

4.  Close Win32Dasm

5.  Open up WinHex —>File —>Open —>winsetup.dll (same file as before)

6.  Press: ALT+G

  • should be a field saying: New Position
  • in the new position type in the offset number BUT remember to take off the H
  • example: New Position: 00074335
  • hit “okay”
  • then it should automatically flash/highlight a number for you (usually a 75, 74, 85,84 can be any of those numbers depending on what it is for you)
  • for me it was flashing the 5 on 75 and all i did was press 4 to change it
  • so for the two digit number it will ask or allow you to change only one digit (the last one)….if its a 4, then change it to a 5, and if its a 5, then change it to 4 (pretty simple)

7.  Now if I’m correct (haven’t tried it yet) you use the setup.exe file in your SOURCE FOLDER (example: C:\Windows Vista Setup\sources)

Hope that helps all i got done now and thought I’d quickly post my results on how i used winhex and win32dasm before i actually install vista.

Mr. Snow


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